How to perform the exercise

  1. For each of these exercises, you’ll assume one of two grips:
    Handshake grip: Hold the ropes as though you were going to shake someone’s hand. Palms face inward toward one another.
    Overhand grip: Hold the ropes in an overhand grip, with both palms facing down.Instructions: Complete 10 reps of each of the following exercises for 2-3 rounds. Each exercise should have minimal rest—15-20 seconds max. For an added challenge, pair each exercise with a 30 second plank variation as an active recovery. (Try planks with shoulder taps, side planks, planks with anterior reach, etc.) Once you’ve completed the circuit below, take a 2 minute rest, then repeat.

    1. Alternating wave

    How to do it: Drop into a squat position, hinging at your hips, and lean your upper body slightly forward. Hold a rope in either hand using the handshake grip. Alternate making waves with the ropes, making sure the ripples run all the way to the end of your anchor point. “Think about making small but fast waves rather than huge explosive ones,” Hopkins says.

    Prescription: 10 reps (right to left is one rep)

    2. Jumping Jack

    How to do it: Grasp a rope in either hand assuming an overhand grip. “Step close to your anchor point so the ropes have some slack in them,” Hopkins recommends. Now perform regular jumping jacks.

    Prescription: 10 reps

    3. Reverse lunge with alternating wave

    How to do it: Hold a rope in each hand with a handshake grip. Step back into a reverse lunge while you complete alternating waves with the battle ropes. Come back to standing, but don’t stop your arms, and come into a reverse lunge on the opposite leg. Keep alternating.

    Prescription: 10 reps (5 each leg)

    4. Grappler throws

    How to do it: Grasp the ropes with an overhand grip. Start with your hips squared up to the anchor, then begin to rotate and pivot through your hips as you throw the ropes right and left. Think of the side-to-side motion of Russian twists. You want to keep your core engaged the entire time as you shift the weight of the ropes back and forth creating an arc. “Be careful not to lean back too much on this move,” Hopkins warns. “You’ll stress your low back.”

    Prescription: 10 reps (5 each side)

    5. Lateral lunge with double wave

    How to do it: Grab a rope in either hand using a handshake grip and take a wide stance with your feet. “Make simultaneous waves with the ropes as you shift your weight right to left in a lateral lunge,” Hopkins says.

    Prescription: 10 reps (5 each side)

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