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Low-Incline Barbell Bench Press


1 Firmly position your feet flat on the ground and lie completely flat on the incline bench.

2 Ensure that your shoulder blades (scapula) is completely retracted against the bench.

3 With a medium width grip (about shoulder width), carefully un-rack the barbell until it is held above just chest height. At this stage, your arms should be completely extended.

4 As you lower the bar down to your chest, take a deep breath and completely inhale.

Throughout this part of the movement, the barbell should be lowered cautiously and constantly under tension.

5 As you touch the chest, make sure that you do not bounce the barbell off your chest as this will take away the stimulated tension and instead increase the likelihood of injury.

6 Once the bar has gently touched your chest, use an elbow extension to drive the barbell back to the starting position.

7 Repeat this movement for the designated number of repetitions.