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RAEDY CAMP™ is a training camp for young aspiring basketball players who wants to take both themselves and their game to the next level. The concept of RAEDY CAMP™ is created by professional basketball player Thomas Massamba, merging technical skills and gameness acquired during his career, with the life experience, knowledge and know-how that follows. With over ten years of experience as a professional in Europe at the highest level, Thomas has created routines around his practice that include focus on diet, varied physical exercise and mental well-being through, among other things, yoga and mindfulness exercises. RAEDY CAMP™ is therefore based on seeing the WHOLE individual, making them grow both as players and persons, building skills and performance as well as grit and confidence.

At RAEDY CAMP™ we believe in personal development and that all individuals can reach their full potential if they give it their all and are given chance to prove themselves. At RAEDY CAMP™ you’ll get an opportunity to do both. If you put your heart and mind into RAEDY CAMP and really challenge yourself, we commit never to give up on your strive of reaching your full potential.

Our promise to you is that as long as you don’t give up on yourself, we won’t either.

We are RAEDY – are you?

Rædy Camp

Fundamental skills & Workouts
The purpose of Rædy Camp is to teach the fundamentals of basketball while also stressing the importance of hard work, a positive attitude, sportsmanship, and team play. We want our campers to have a GREAT time while also becoming better players and better people during their time with us.

Rædy Skills

Focus / Shooting / Footwork / Ball Handling
Our Basketball Training is all about improving the skills and fundamentals of our players in a more personalized setting that can be adjusted according to the level of the players involved.

Rædy Lifestyle