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History of Rædy Performance

Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle is an online shop offering health supplements and health products to both companies as individuals. With our vast experience in the sport at the elite level is Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle a carefully selected range of high quality products at a good price. We also arrange with companies / associations of events, all to promote a healthier lifestyle.

The idea behind Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle arose in 2014 after many athletes in recent years risked suspension from their sports when they had classified the doping agent in the body after eating regular food supplements. The goal of the Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle is offering performance-seekers, clean products -with detailed list of ingredients, manufactured in Scandinavia.

Our aim is to improve the health of the whole for individuals, companies and sports clubs. For us at Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle will always customer first. What makes Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle unique is our focus on people first and our good service to guide our customers to the best health products that suit their needs. We guarantee clean and healthy products that will not harm your body

About the Creator

Thomas Massamba

Thomas Massamba, is the founder of Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle and cooperates with carefully selected and experienced personal trainers and hälsoutvecklare.

With over 10 years experience as a professional basketball player, I have acquired a broad knowledge of various health supplements and vitamins. So far in my career, I played in the Euroleague, Eurocup, EuroChallenge and VTB League (Russian league). In Cyprus, I have won the Super Cup and two league gold, and in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, I have won the Cup and the league. In Sweden, I won the Gold medal with Sodertalje Kings and taken three different teams to the national finals for three consecutive years. Today I am the captain of the Swedish national team basketball. I am the first Swedish basketball player who was awarded the MVP (most valuable player) in a league outside Sweden,, 2015.

For me it is important to prioritize both the physical and mental health. Health Supplements and Vitamins has given me the ability to maintain and improve my performance and recovery best in my career. It is important to be aware of the contributions that we give the body contains for the body to function and perform.

With my experience in nutrition and exercise, and with the help of experienced personal trainers I founded Scandinavian Health & Lifestyle to share our knowledge. My vision is to get more people to reach their ultimate potential, to feel good and to improve their health. To achieve this, the right health supplements based on individual needs to make a difference. One difference you will not want to miss.