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Raedy Camp juni 2020 inställt!
Med tanke på rådande situation med corona viruset så finner vi ingen annan utväg än att ställa in Raedy Camp i juni. Även om vi kan vara överens om att basket är viktigt, så finns det saker som är ännu viktigare: allas vår hälsa.
Vårt mål är att flytta lägret till v. 33 och hoppas då att situationen lättat, alla som har bokat en plats på lägret i juni flyttas över till augustilägret. Kan man inte delta då så hör av er till MsvBDF: s kansli på mellansvenskabdf@basket.se så avbokar vi er plats och återbetalar er anmälningsavgift.

Nu håller vi alla tummar för att vi ses i augusti istället – var rädd om er!

Thomas Massamba och MsvBDF

RAEDY CAMP™ is a 5-day basketball training experience aimed at boys and girls aged 11-16. Since RAEDY CAMP™ wants to be able to offer each participant the best possible experience and development, some adjustment to the above grouping will be possible, for example if a player is deemed better suited to participate in an older group. Such adjustment takes place on the first day of camp and only in cases where the player himself also wants it.

RAEDY CAMP™ includes some of Sweden's leading performance trainers. They have been involved in the development of the RAEDY SKILLS concept and ensure that every training session is performed at the same level as at the leading camps in the world. Instructors of RAEDY CAMP™ adapt to the level and needs of the individual to achieve the greatest possible results. The coaches / team leaders play an extremely important role for RAEDY CAMP™, they support the instructors during the training session and the youth during the camp.

If you are as passionate about young people's development as we are and want to engage in the RAEDY CAMP™ concept, please feel free to contact info@raedy.se



Camp location varies per season. Cultural, and academic experiences for Swedish & international players


Multi-day youth & showcase events during the weekends, holidays & summers


Specialized 2 or 3 hour long events on holidays & weekend


Mindfulness is about focusing on being aware of yourself and what is present at this moment, in the present. The method is sometimes used in health care to reduce stress, anxiety and depression


Different stretching techniques to better players agility


Offensive skills: shooting, rebounding, passing, and dribbling
Defensive skills: blocking, stealing, and again, rebounding


Basketball Training is for advanced-level players or teams, specifically high school players going on to play in college, college players, and pro players and teams. Our Elite Training is not for everyone and is invite only!